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Los Angeles’ opulent enclave of Brentwood is no stranger to glamour, as its famous residents and tree-lined streets are surrounded by stately mansions. However, for an elite family looking to take root, the goal is really to downplay the glitz. They bought a classic 11,000-square-foot, white-paneled home that the previous owners had remodeled (think of the bright green living and dining room flooded with black), but wanted something more comfortable to wear. For the makeover, they turned to M. Elle Design, whose portfolio they have long admired.
“They wanted us to run with a fresh, coastal, light and elegant feel indoors and out,” said designer Marie Turner Carson, who owns the studio with her sister, Emily Turner Barker. “We started by taking things away to make the house more modern and give it a more subdued palette.”
Initial work involved stripping away layers of panels, wallpaper and paint to create a gallery-like space for the client’s growing art collection. Designers also upped the staircase with curved balustrades, “too traditional and formulaic,” Carson said. Instead, they opted for thin, clean oak handrails and black steel balustrades. The team removed the oak floors to give them a soft, warm sheen, installed new marble floors at the entryway, and replaced much of the woodwork throughout the home to “add layers of design to update every space,” Kard Sen said.
The main intervention, however, is in the kitchen, which has been completely demolished and relocated, with a wall at the back, parallel double islands in the control center, and a sink wall at the side. “Symmetry is important to the client, so we worked hard to keep order throughout the renovation process,” said Carson. The most transformative step was to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the formal living room, creating a smooth flow between them and connecting them to the common room. “It opens things up in a different way and now these spaces are talking to each other,” she said. “The rooms have their own personality, but are united by a common aesthetic.”
While much of the home showcases a muted palette of warm whites and grays, dramatic moments dot the picture. In the dining room, a bronze asymmetrical oak chandelier by Cox London echoes the crude canopy depicted in a polychrome triptych by American artist Charles Gaines. Ruemmler’s molded oak chairs continue this theme, their natural pattern repeating like tree trunks in a forest and complementing the gold linen curtains in the room. In the library, a steel beam hangs over oak and marble volumes, chiaroscuro, thin and thick.
Finding the right balance is in the details, Carson says. “If you have big bones in a room and you know the shape and scale of the pieces are right, there is a magical element at the end that puts the finishing touches and makes everything sing,” she said. Whether it’s the perfect piece of art to hang on your fireplace or a sculpture that activates the corner, the right accessories will add a new level of flair.
All in all, the renovation took over a year – the family finally moved in after a leak in the kitchen flooded the ground floor and required reinstallation. Failures aside, the house is an oasis for large family gatherings, offering sun-drenched spaces that flow from the street into a deep courtyard. “It’s timeless, attractive and livable,” Carson said. “Anyone who enters will be impressed, but will be able to sit down immediately without stepping on an eggshell.”
A new staggered marble floor completes the entrance, while a Green River Project Black Hyedua side table and Pierre Jeanneret teak sofa match the mohair. The retro French shield mirror brightens up the space and balances the composition with its playful, unexpected shape.
Designer Marie Turner Carson of M. Elle Design transformed an overworked green-painted office into a sophisticated library and living room with a bar at one end. Slim steel frames and cantilevered steel rods give a modern industrial feel to more traditional oak cabinetry and marble countertops. A custom pendant from Lumfardo hangs on Joshua Vogel’s cast-iron tractor bench.
“It’s a comfortable place to read,” Carson said of the reimagined space, where the Pierre-Augustine Rose sofa 240 curves gently toward each other around a low-slung, oval Rose Uniac coffee table. The Lampada 079 wall lamp sits next to the fireplace and complements the Dimorestudio Lampada 047 chandelier, while the Ilse Crawford Edition Billy FL floor lamp is an elegant reading lamp.
While the kitchen and living room were previously combined, the living room seemed isolated before the renovation. M. Elle Design took down the wall to connect all three spaces, creating a dialogue. In the formal living room, a vintage Charlotte Perriand daybed reupholstered in Pierre Frey fabric adds textural contrast to white linen Toyen lounge chairs and a Chelsea square sofa from Dmitriy & Co. In the formal living room, a vintage Charlotte Perriand daybed reupholstered in Pierre Frey fabric adds textural contrast to white linen Toyen lounge chairs and a Chelsea square sofa from Dmitriy & Co. The Salernes rug by La Manufacture Cogolin was handwoven in France. В формальной гостиной винтажная кушетка Charlotte Perriand, обтянутая тканью Pierre Frey, создает текстурный контраст с белыми льняными шезлонгами Toen и квадратным диваном Chelsea от Dmitriy & Co. In a formal living room, a vintage Charlotte Perriand daybed upholstered in a Pierre Frey fabric provides a textural contrast to white Toen linen chaise longues and a square Chelsea sofa from Dmitriy & Co. The Salernes carpet by La Manufacture Cogolin was hand-woven in France.在正式的起居室里,一张用Pierre Frey 织物重新装饰的复古Charlotte Perriand 沙发床与Dmitriy & Co 的白色亚麻Toen 躺椅和切尔西方形沙发增添了质感对比。在 正式 的 起居室 里 一 张 用 用 pierre fry 织物 装饰 的 复古 Charlotte Perring 沙发床 dmitriy & Co 的 亚麻 亚麻 toen 和 切尔 西方形沙发 增添 了 质感。。。 对比 对比 对比 对比 对比В официальной гостиной винтажная кушетка Charlotte Perriand, обтянутая тканью Pierre Frey, создает текстурный контраст с белым льняным шезлонгом Toen от Dmitriy & Co и квадратным диваном Chelsea. In a formal living room, a vintage Charlotte Perriand daybed upholstered in Pierre Frey fabric provides a textural contrast to Dmitriy & Co’s Toen white linen chaise longue and Chelsea square sofa. La Manufacture Cogolin Salernes rugs are handcrafted in France. “He has so much presence and depth when you see him in person,” Carson said. “It’s luxurious and elegant, but understated.” A branched gray glass and oiled bronze bubble chandelier from Lindsey Adelman Studio adds a sculptural touch to the ceiling.
The lofty family room has a coastal, casual feel with custom drapes made with C&C Milano linen. The lofty family room has a coastal, casual feel with custom drapes made with C&C Milano linen. Роскошный семейный номер оформлен в прибрежном, непринужденном стиле с изготовленными на заказ шторами из льняной ткани C&C Milano. The luxurious family room is decorated in a coastal, casual style with custom-made curtains in C&C Milano linen.高大的家庭房采用C&C Milano 亚麻制成的定制窗帘营造出沿海休闲的感觉。 C&C Milano 亚麻制成的定制窗帘营造出沿海休闲的感觉。 Высокий семейный номер создает непринужденную атмосферу побережья благодаря изготовленным на заказ шторам из льняной ткани C&C Milano. The Tall Family Room creates a casual coastline atmosphere with custom-made C&C Milano linen curtains. In one of the lounge areas, a custom section surrounds a custom stone coffee table, both by M. Elle Design. Surrounding this monumental block are two antique stools by Lief and a Le Minotaure chair by Pierre Augustin Rose.
As part of the overhaul, M. Elle Design completely relocated the kitchen around two islands, gutting the space to create a more symmetrical layout and fresher look. Square stools for Bddw guests line up next to a Calacatta marble counter under a hanging terrarium by Lindsey Adelman Studio, while Clé Tile’s new Zellige tile adds subtle texture and sheen to the walls.
В соседнем солярии обеденные стулья из тикового дерева от Briggs & Co. In the adjoining sunroom, teak dining chairs from Briggs & Co. окружают обеденный стол Juwel от Stahl & Band, теплые тона которого дополняют подвеску «Оскар» из розового золота от RW Guild. surround the Juwel dining table by Stahl & Band, whose warm tones complement the rose gold Oscar pendant by RW Guild.
The restaurant is decorated with a botanical theme, and the striking triptych by American artist Charles Gaines echoes the asymmetric carved brass Cox London chandeliers and the oak Thor chandeliers. (M. Elle Design negotiated artwork with SZ Advisory.) Molded oak chair #172 attached to table #341 with a black steel base and stretched rattan and glass top, both Rümmler designs. “It’s a lot of layers and direct conversations,” Carson said. “This is balanced by the rich gold of the wood and the curtains.”
Off the living room is a contemplative office with an In Vein table by Ben Storms and Alfred chairs by Mandy Graham. The Future Perfect’s Hase BL floor lamp and Garde’s Ingredients side table complete the living room, while Ruemmler’s sumptuous size 556 silk lantern pendant breaks through the moody palette, echoing the color wheel on disc 5, In Memory of my father, John Steven, hangs on the mantelpiece .
Homeowners often host large families, and the spacious backyard needs some outdoor entertainment. The Plateau dinner service by David Sutherland sets the stage for al fresco dining.
In the guest room, a custom-made headboard by M. Elle Design is upholstered in Loro Piana linen. An antique Svend Hammershøi ceramic table lamp by Galerie Half rests on an oak table by Studio Giancarlo Valle.
The master bedroom leads to his and her bathroom. In his version, a modern bouquet sconce emerges from the sides of a custom-made steel-framed mirror by M. Elle Design, while Nicky Kehoe’s vanity rests on a vintage Swedish rug by Lief.
Her bathroom features a custom-made cashmere face mask by M. Elle Design and a luxurious tub with Waterworks Henry Collection fixtures. The 1780s Gustavian armchair by Lief adds extra warmth and character.
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