Tips for choosing the right chandelier for your living room

Most of us follow the Convention when hanging a lamp. We naturally place fixtures on the kitchen island, above the dining table, or even in the entrance hall. There are fewer and fewer chandeliers in the living room, and the popularity of open living room / dining room / kitchen space has accelerated the demise of living room chandeliers, with the focus firmly locked above the dining table. However, as amazing decorations, chandeliers with a sense of design should not be confined to limited rooms. It is time to feel the charm of chandeliers again.

Try Different Styles
Chandeliers are a great opportunity to introduce new styles into your room. Modern devices in traditional spaces (and vice versa) add unexpected changes. Choose a large, visually important option to create focus. Decorative lighting can be independent of the room, and does not need to be integrated with other design elements.

Stay Light
The large chandelier above the seating area will make people feel heavy and ominous. Please consider your materials and finishes before purchasing. Reflective metal, glass and transparent synthetic resin will add style and lighting without adding weight. Lamps with small clusters of LED bulbs are more delicate and playful overhead.

Match With Tea Table
The natural place to install the suspension device is above the tea table, just like above the dining table. This position allows you to hang the lamp lower and enjoy more decorative details up close. At the same time, make sure that you can see the guests across the room and don’t bump your head when reaching for a drink. For style inspiration, please refer to your furniture and textiles.

If your seating arrangement does not have a central focus, or you often rearrange furniture, please place decorative lights in the center of the room. The device will serve as an anchor in the space and an extension of the building. Remember, you may walk under it, so please keep it close to the ceiling. Try matching it with your color scheme or pattern.

Post time: Jul-05-2022